Hello there. Thanks for popping in. I am a television writer/producer and musical comedian. You can listen to me on Spotify thus boosting my income by £0.006 and watch my videos here.

I mostly try and develop comedy shows like the BBC Two sitcom Hebburn with its creator Jason Cook and Lunch Monkeys for BBC Three. I’ve developed shows with top UK  production companies and with Comedy Central as their Head of Development and been commissioned as a writer by Channel 4 and Comedy Central.  My Foot in the Door blog is about my experiences in the media, so if you’re starting out or trying to get a project going then I hope it might be useful.

I started my career as a radio journalist with the mighty Plymouth Sound (Plymouth is my home city) and then worked at Two Four Productions who were small-ish then, but since I left have become massive. Am sure that’s a coincidence. I left for the bright lights of London freelancing on shows like Bailiffs, a hit observational documentary for BBC One, which ran for three series.

My love of comedy took me to the Edinburgh Fringe.  My first show in 2003, Soft Toys, with the very talented Michael Spicer.  After my 2005 solo show, Ladykiller, which had its moments, comedy producers Channel X asked me to set up a company in Manchester which I ran for nearly ten years.

I now live and work in London writing, developing, gigging and procrastinating and have lots of exciting things in various pipelines. I’ll tell you about them if and when they happen.

If you’d like to pay me vast sums to work on something or come and perform at your ethically sound company’s Christmas party for a substantial fee then do get in touch.