Michael Spicer: No Room – Launches 24th April

Tillervision news! My production company is making a show for the BBC…

It’s a privilege to bring my long-time collaborator Michael Spicer and his excellent satirical comedy to BBC Sounds and Radio 4 in a new show. Michael Spicer: No Room.

The series launches on 24th April and is already sounding excellent. It’s Michael, so it will be funny and it also features fantastic original music and sound design by Augustin Bousfield. I’ve worked with him many times, but it’s been a while… the music is ace and it’s great to have him on board.

Here’s the BBC Press Release: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2024/michael-spicer-no-room-radio-4-bbc-sounds/

Here’s a promo video from the man himself:

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