Live and Unleashed

The end of 2019 was pretty nuts for me in mostly good ways but meant I did have to cancel the final gig of my little autumn tour in Nottingham. My sincere apologies to that fair city. It’s somewhere I’ve always enjoyed gigging and I knew there were some lovely people coming but sometimes life decides that you cannot go to Nottingham and must reschedule. I’ve not yet rescheduled but I promise you Nottingham, as The Terminator once said, ‘I shall be back.’

But I did manage a few other gigs; two private parties and a corporate appearance at a healthcare conference. These bookings kinda came by chance and through recommendations, which was lovely, and definitely helped my Christmas fund. They were really good fun — even the one the day after the election for a group of left-wing lawyers. We all needed cheering up and, while I’m not saying I planted a seed of eternal optimism in their hearts, I think I helped.

One thing I love doing is writing a song for an event and people seem to really enjoy them. So, if you have an event coming up and want something funny, occasionally poignant, heartfelt and bespoke then give me a shout

And if you are in London on February 16th then I’m doing a gentle, acoustic gig at the very sensible time of 5.30pm (for a Sunday) in Camden. It’s free but you can RSVP for some kind of enticing discount, I believe, by clicking this link.

May you be blessed with 2020 perception.




And here’s a pic of me playing in a room above a pub last year. (The final performance of my very enjoyable tour with the brilliant MJ Hibbett at the home of his Totally Acoustic gigs, The King and Queen in London).